Scam Alert: Be Careful On Replying To Scam Text Messages

Posted by: on Feb 15, 2013 | No Comments

According to Amy Fowler of, there is a circulating scam text that claims the recipient of the text message won an iPhone 5 or a $1000 worth of prize from Wal-Mart.  Sometimes, this scam message does not come in the form of SMS messaging, but it will appear in your emails.  You need to be very careful with these messages because most of these contain malware and other harmful software that will download itself into your smartphones, tablets, and other PC devices.

The safest thing to do is not to respond to these messages especially when you know that you have not participated in any raffle draws or to check online to verify the information.  Sometimes, it is really difficult to differentiate the real deal from the fake ones.  What the scammer usually does is that information will be extracted from your device.  These types of scams are called as phishing scams.  Don’t press the link in the messages because it can possibly cause your device to malfunction.

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